Our mission, vision, and values

Eastern Market

Eastern Market

Thanks to a grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Richard and Julia Moe Family Fund, Preservation Detroit’s board of directors took part in training led by NEW, a nonprofit consulting group in Ann Arbor, MI. One of the takeaways from the training was reaffirming why we do the work we do at Preservation Detroit. This led to articulating and refining our mission, vision, and values.

Our mission is to preserve Detroit’s historic places.

Everything we do is in service of this mission: from collaborating with other organizations on community preservation efforts; to telling the stories of the people of Detroit; to protecting buildings from demolition.

Historic places are not just structures. They are the complex combination of people, stories, buildings, and identities. They can be as grandiose as a downtown skyscraper or as everyday as a neighborhood park. Wherever they are, they all share one thing: they are worth saving.

We strive to create a Detroit where cultural, architectural, and community preservation is integrated into every aspect of the city’s development.

This is our vision for the city. Through our work, we bring about long-term change that moves us closer to this aspirational goal.

Our values inform how we carry out our mission and work toward our vision.

Collaboration: Honesty, positivity, and transparency enable strong relationships with stakeholders and partner organizations.
Craft: The traditional building trades that created our older structures are a critical aspect of the city’s future.
Diversity: Many perspectives comprise Detroit’s ongoing story.
Education: History is key in developing engaged and knowledgeable citizens.
Equity: Preservation can help create a more healthy, sustainable, and vibrant Detroit for all residents.
People: The preservation movement must be centered on community needs.

Eric Kehoe